How to save money on buying drugs in conventional and online pharmacies?

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If prescription drugs are present in the order, it should be noted that in the pharmacy they may require a prescription, and if the prescription does not appear, the pharmacy may not issue you these drugs. You can search for pharmacological products on the Internet at any time of the day or night – this is a definite plus. It is also important that delivery, however, is not always free, is carried out in the shortest possible time, if suffering from temperature or lack of any drug is in the city. Many online pharmacies use to attract buyers reload bonuses or a discount for signing up, which also will certainly allow you to save money.

Many pharmacies work on the principle-it is better to reduce the price and sell more than Vice versa. Therefore, the markup percentage smaller, the shares are held, used and bonus savings cards to find buyers. There is more faith in the salvation and purchase of quality goods – most pharmacies are afraid of reputation, pharmacists will always monitor the condition of storage of drugs, hygiene and sterility. Online pharmacy operates around the clock, has a range of expensive drugs of foreign production, but there are also cheap analogues of the domestic manufacturer, which, oddly enough, pharmacists are happy to offer. The majority of pharmacies, fighting for the buyer, in addition to the stock equip in the halls of the clinics where always there is a health care provider and, if necessary, measure the temperature or pressure and best wishes will tell you what to buy.

Importantly! Choose your own drugs or rely on consultants without pharmaceutical education – life-threatening!

The desire to buy at a low price of any drug sometimes leads to unreasonable costs – the price in the neighboring pharmacy was lower, or a bottle of medicine half empty – violated storage conditions. In order to really save money, you need to carefully study all the online pharmacies and compare prices in the nearest.
I must say that this decision, in fact, legalize has long been the status quo. Buying drugs online is thriving today. Although officially on the relevant sites, this service is called "booking" (a person can order a medicine, and take it himself - in the nearest licensed pharmacy). Medicines are delivered only to preferential categories of citizens. In fact, nobody checks the status of the beneficiary. Therefore, to get the tablets home delivery can be anyone. Buy drugs through the Internet willingly. According to Data Insight research Agency, every day about 20 thousand orders for medicines pass through online pharmacies. No wonder the price of drugs bought online are often significantly lower than in conventional pharmacy.

Only pharmaceutical companies that have a license for pharmaceutical activity (that is, those that have stationary offices) will be able to sell medicines via the Internet. Buyers will need to be careful (to place orders on trusted sites and only in those online pharmacies that have a license). The law will add to the work of regulatory authorities, but this can not be an obstacle to the remote sale of medicines. Remote trading methods are the future.
It is much more difficult to control the work of remote pharmacies than stationary ones. According to the Institute of medical counterfeiting (Paris), in the world more than 50% of counterfeit medicines sold through the Internet.
drug labelling will help to resolve this problem. The bar code printed on the packaging will allow the consumer to determine whether the real drug was delivered or counterfeit using the application in the smartphone. Now this method is being tested in pilot projects. It is planned that the system of marking medicines at full strength will earn in 2019.

There is a list of drugs that require special storage conditions. Even a short-term disruption of the cold chain changes the effect of the drug. In pharmacies, the storage of such drugs is strictly monitored. But it is impossible to control in what conditions medicines are after they left the pharmacy. According to the existing rules, only a pharmacist or pharmacist may release medicines after pharmaceutical consulting. In order for them to deliver medicines, an additional 20-40 thousand professionals will be required. The cost of delivery is often equal to the price of the drug. Therefore, the reduction in prices in online pharmacies should not wait.